Are you a creative person working in an office full of administrators, analysts, academics, project managers, or engineers? You are not aloneThe Yale Design Community of Practice brings together practitioners of visual design whose work supports the teaching, learning, research, and administrative activities of Yale University.

Our Mission

Our aim is to promote awareness of the importance of visual design; bolster the quality and consistency of our work; discuss best practices to help us do our jobs; share ideas, inspirations, and practical knowledge; and provide mutual support when dealing with difficult clients and tough projects.

Is This Group for You?

We welcome graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, photographers, and communicators, as well as any Yale community member with an interest in visual design.

What Is a Community of Practice?

Communities of practice (CoPs) are self-governed organizations open to all Yale staff members with a shared interest. We encourage members to set the agenda, bring projects and problems to our bimonthly meetings. If you are interested in joining our CoP, or staying informed about our activities, please subscribe to our email list.


April 27, 2017
View Jennifer & Michael’s Presentation Slides On Wednesday April 12, UX Design Assistant Jennifer Kirby and Information & Accessibility Lead Michael Wayne...
March 27, 2017
View Roger’s presentation slides On Friday, March 17, designer and board game enthusiast Roger Ngim introduced Yale designers to the world of modern strategy board...
Paul Messier showing what paper fibers look like under a microsope.
January 17, 2017
On Friday January 6, Paul Messier spoke to a large group at 25 Science Park about the challenge to convey materiality graphically and how paper choice communicates meaning....